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                 Our Road To Understanding

 It has been a long struggle to change the way America views, integrates and accepts people with learning disabilities into our institutions and workforce.

In the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70’s, it was common for the disabled to spend adult years (until death) heavily medicated and confined to bleak and cheerless institutions where shock therapies and mind-numbing drugs were “state-of-the-art” treatment. They spent their lives in oppressive surroundings devoid of meaningful social interactions with little access to the treatments and therapies imperative to successful emotional and cognitive development.

Beginning in the last two decades, a new wave of enlightenment brought welcome changes. Group homes began to replace the old institutions, providing families a glimpse into a future filled with hope and opportunity. Now more integrated into the community, society became more understanding of the disabled living, working and working alongside them.

Although great progress has been made, it is only recently (and much of this is due to new medicines, and cutting-edge educational and therapeutic methods) that we have come to understand that those with learning disabilities can- and should- have an enriching and contributing role in today’s society. Most importantly, we have begun to accept that if individuals with disabilities are to have the best chance for living fruitful, independent lives, they must be provided with education, treatments and therapies necessary to become self-sufficient adults in control of their own lives. 


BeFruitFul continues to develop partnerships with educators, families and a vast number of community organizations. The coalitions we have formed over the years help us provide the support and resources needed to gain access to comprehensive educational and vocational training, cognitive therapies and other programs that are tailored to the unique needs of those with disabilities. Our partnerships also give us the ability to provide financial and scholarship support to families that have limited resources.

As we nurture individuals with special-needs and provide acceptance, love, education and tools to boost confidence to live independently, the blessings echo throughout society. Imagine the impact, on an individual and societal level when fewer adults are dependent on social services and are equipped to reach their full potential.

Our road to understanding is a continuous journey, driven by the support of those who pave the way for blessings and miracles to happen!

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