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           ‘This Is Where Miracles Happen’

The parents walked into the school office, eyes filled with apprehension. Their son Michael, a bright and autistic boy of seven, was trailing behind them.

Although his parents came to the school seeking an education for their son, in the back of their minds, what Michael’s parents really wanted were answers.

Some of their questions and concerns are held by parents (everywhere) of children with disabilities.

                   -Who will take care of our child when we are gone?

            -Will he ever be able to live independently? 

            -Is he capable of learning a skill whereby he can earn a living to help him  live a                 productive, happy independent life?’

            -What will become of him if something suddenly happened to us?

Headmaster Shirley Gil extended a hand and welcomed the family into her office.

She listened attentively to Michael’s parents’ questions and concerns as Michael looked around at the kids’ drawings on the walls. When they were finished speaking, Shirley began to describe Christi/STEPSS Academy’s unique approach to helping children like Michael.  The atmosphere in the room lightened considerably as Ms. Gil shared the success stores experienced throughout the years.

At the end of the meeting, Michael’s mother wiped away her tears and both parents showed the first signs of hope they had in years. 

As Shirley concluded her overview of the school and the resources available to help Michael overcome the challenges he faces, she leaned forward, smiling at the three of them.  ‘This is the place,’ she said, ‘where miracles happen’.

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